Frequently Asked Questions

Accounting & Billing

Will I receive an invoice or a statement?

We use an Invoice based procedure. Payment is due within 15 days of the Date Invoiced. A ‘pre-intent notice to cancel’ is sent as a reminder if payment has not been received after 20 days. A Notice of Cancellation is sent if payment has not been received after 30 days.

What are my Payment Options for Agency Billed Accounts?

{OPTION 1} Insured makes a Credit Card payment with Visa, MasterCard or American Express subject to a 3.5% processing fee (visit www.jkrar.com/payment). {OPTION 2} Agency makes ACH/e-Check payment with an Agency Check only subject to a $3.00 flat processing fee per transaction. We cannot accept Insured’s Check (visit www.jkrar.com/payment). {OPTION 3} Premium Financing can be requested by the Agent by contacting our Accounting Department at (860) 628-3967.

What is the Direct Bill Carrier Payment Process?

Direct Billed policies need to be paid to the Carrier/Insurance Company. We cannot accept payment for Direct Billed Policies and if received, will return the payment to the Agent for proper payment to be made to the Carrier/Insurance Company. The gross premium must be paid and the Agent cannot retain commission. Once payment is received, we will pay the Agent their portion of the Commission. Please refer to the Carrier/Insurance Company’s website for available payment options.

Are you able to accept Insureds Checks?

No, we cannot accept Insured’s Checks, we can only accept Agency Checks.

What is the fee for returned checks?

Any checks that are returned due to insufficient funds will result in a $30.00 fee.

What is your refund policy?

There will be no refunds given on this site. We will send any and all returns for cancellations, return endorsements, etc., to the Agents per our standard protocol. They in turn will return to the Insureds.

How can I obtain a Credit Card Authorization Form?

In order to process a credit card payment, we require the cardholder to fill out a Credit Card Authorization Form. The form can be found on our Credit Card Authorization page. Agent must keep a copy of the signed form along with a copy of a state or federally issued identification card (driver’s license, personal identification card, military ID, passport, etc) for their records.

Can you offer Premium Financing options?

Yes, we offer Premium Financing on Agency Billed Accounts (not on Direct Billed Accounts). To obtain a quote for Premium Financing, please contact our Accounting Department at emailrec@jkrar.com. Additional resource: The 'Payment Options' tab located on our navigation bar above.
Agency Appointment

How do I become appointed to write business with Joseph Krar & Associates?

All agency appointment requests/inquiries should be sent to Eva Morel at emorel@jkrar.com.
Agency Changes

My agency has recently changed our mailing address, email addresses, phone number, fax number, or we have personnel updates etc.... Who should we contact?

Any change in contact information should be sent to Joe Russo at jrusso@jkrar.com.

To whom should I inform of agency mergers and acquisitions?

All info regarding mergers and acquisitions should go to Eva Morel at emorel@jkrar.com.

How do I submit a claim or check the status of a filed claim?

Please contact us at emailrec@jkrar.com. For additional information, please visit our 'Contact Us' > 'Report A Claim' page.

How do I request a Loss Runs Report?

Please contact us at emailrec@jkrar.com. For additional information, please visit our 'Contact Us' > 'Request Loss Runs Report' page.
Online Rating

I forgot my username and passwords, who should I contact?

• For DUAL FLOOD, select Forgot Password Button on Dual quote portal on our Website www.jkrar.com. • For USLI on our website www.jkrar.com/get-a-quote, proceed as to quoting and select Forgot your Password or Login ID. • For UTICA FIRST refer to their Website uticafirst.com > Brokers > UFIRST NOW! And select Reset your password or I forgot my username.

Where should I send New Business inquiries for quoting?

Please email any new business submissions to emailrec@jkrar.com.

Do you have Acord forms on your website?

No, unfortunately we are not able to provide these forms on our website.

Where can I access your fillable supplemental applications, forms and affidavits?

Please visit our 'Products' > 'Find an Application' page. If you do not see the application you’re looking for, please email Eva Morel at emorel@jkrar.com with your request.
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